Ricardo Jacinto


©️ O Parlamento de Caribdis (2022) [Ricardo Jacinto] video still.

Video: Marco Machado
16:9, color, stereo
Duration: 35’
Sound: Ricardo Jacinto
Production: Arquipélago Centro de Artes Contemporâneas / OSSO

Documentary video of a performance that took place at the Arquipélago’s blackbox. This show, defined by the artist-musician as a ‘concert-installation for cello, electronics, audio-feedback, resonant objects and multichannel broadcasting system’, was the result of a challenge on the part of Encontros Sonoros Atlânticos 2022.

The Parliament of Charybdis IV is a music and installation project that started in 2021 and is now in its fourth iteration. Rescuing the image of Charybdis (mythological figure whose stormy and threatening force, in the form of a maritime whirlpool, swallowed everything that approached it), this parliament constitutes itself as a poetic territory that is dedicated to exploring the inherent forces of construction and destruction to places of collective interaction. This presentation continues a narrative with multiple resonances and formal and conceptual developments. Started with a flight over the ruin of a threshing floor (an ancestral space for work and community meetings), the Parliament of Charybdis now summons the power of insularity for the sound and spatial design of this concert-installation.

+ info: https://arquivo.osso.pt/projectos/medusa/

December 3rd 2022 – 6 pm

Ricardo Jacinto
Musician, visual artist or architect with artistic and academic research focused on the relationship between sound, improvisation and territory in transdisciplinary practices. He is a founding member and artistic director of the OSSO collective and holds a PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queens University Belfast. Since 1998 he has presented his work in individual and group exhibitions, concerts and performances in Portugal, Europe and Brazil.

With a vast interest in collaborative processes, he has developed numerous projects with other artists, musicians, architects and performers. His recent musical projects include MEDUSA (unit and solo) and THE SELVA. He promoted, directed and supported the development of collective creation projects such as PARQUE (2001-2015) or INVASOR ABSTRACTO (2019-22). He was co-organizer of programming projects such as ECOS: Escuta e Lugar (2013-14) or EIRA: radio platform for artistic residencies (2020). His music has been released by Clean Feed, Shhpuma Records and Creative Sources, and his installations are present in several national collections. Within a collaboration with architech and painter Pancho Guedes he co-represented

Portugal at the 10th Venice Architecture Biennale 2006 and his work was presented in venues such as Culturgest_Lisbon, Serralves Foundation_Porto, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation_Lisbon and Paris, Palais de Tokyo_Paris, Mudam_Luxembourg, Maria Matos Theater_Lisbon, Vostell Museum_Cáceres, Casa da Música, CCB, Manifesta 07_Roveretto, Galeria Vermelho_São Paulo, Frac Loraine_Metz, OK CENTER_Linz, among others.

+ info: https://ricardojacinto.net/