The sea, between metaphor and matter

The sea, between metaphor and matter

©Still frame from Sensorial Divinities (An Essay on Digital Immortality), Paulo Arraiano, 2019, 5’43”


Curated by

Camila de Sousa


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Understanding the emergence of a new history of the sea and the revision of the terracentric tropes that have always underscored the philosophical comprehensions of human realities, this exhibition explores the ocean as a “place” that gathers images, experiences and memories that necessarily open to a new constellation of aesthetic problems. The videos that are shown provide an alternative spacialization of our imagination and contribute to the emergence of a new perspective on the relation between art, nature and identity.

Camila Maissune de Sousa (Mozambique, 1984), is a visual artist; she holds a B.A. in Social Sciences with a focus in Visual Anthropology and an M.A. and PhD in Visual Culture. Exploring themes concerning “Image, Culture and Production of Meaning”, she is a research member of the “Interdisciplinary Studies of Images” group held within the Art and Visual Culture programme at the Federal University of Goiânia (UFG, Brazil). Her main research topics include: arts and ethnography, landscapes, memory and identity. She has participated in several collective exhibitions in Mozambique, Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde. Her current research is focused on aesthetics and policies of the Indian Ocean in contemporary arts and photography.