History as Fiction, Fiction as History

History as Fiction, Fiction as History

©Entwined, Maimuna Adam, 2011


Curated by

Mónica de Miranda


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August 25th – 7 pm


August 25th – September 22nd 2020

Talk with the curator

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This exhibition looks at how artists explore through video the implications of history and its narratives to re-imagine other histories and invent different futures. It reflects on debates about the question of truth and fiction and resists hegemonies in the western monopoly of history.

The doubleness of history stresses discontinuity and disruption in the past and it shows the tension in between view points. This doubleness gives history ample room for uncertainty, disagreement, and invention. History here is reinvented to counteract positions of power and reclaim new spaces of actions in an act to re-write histories however personal or political.

Mónica de Miranda is an artist and researcher. She works and lives in between Lisbon and Luanda. Born in Porto (Portugal) with Angolan background. Her work is based on themes of urban archaeology and personal geographies. She works in an interdisciplinary way with drawing, installation, photography, film and sound, in its expanded forms and on the boundaries between fiction and documentary. She holds a Visual Arts Degree from the Camberwell College of Arts, a Master’s Degree in Art and Education from the Institute of Education London and a PhD in Visual Art from the University of Middlesex. Mónica is also one of the founders of the artistic residences project Triangle Network in Portugal and she founded in 2014 the project Hangar Center for Artistic Research, in Lisbon.