Nuno Morão


©️ Som Alvo (2021) [Nuno Morão] video still.

Video: João de Sá / Neva Films
Sound: João Coutada
16:9, color, stereo
Duration: 10’
Production: gnration / OSSO

Som Alvo is Nuno Morão’s solo percussion project, created in 2011 following an invitation from Granular. In 2018, starting from a base kit of membranophones — djembé, darbouka, conga, toms, bongos, bendir, adufe, bass drum — the homonymous album was recorded. In 2020, a portico with bells and gongs made it possible to expand the timbric and rhythmic potential of this instrument-constellation, and since then the exploration of a musical language has been ongoing, which can range from an ancestral, primeval practice of rhythm, to the evocation of states of contemplation and meditation enhanced by the subtle repetition of melodic patterns. As part of the inauguration of the exhibition Invasor Abstracto #3 at gnration (Braga), in May 2021, Nuno Morão presented an excerpt of the percussion solo Som Alvo.

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December 3rd 2022 – 6 pm

Nuno Morão
Drummer, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist.
His current main musical projects are Som Alvo, The Selva, Space Sextet, Medusa unit, and Madalena Palmeirim. Other recent projects include Hamar Trio, Wednesday, Love that Lava, PARQUE, Pinkdraft, Torres + Faustino + Morão, Variable Geometry Orchestra, IKB and Ensemble JER.

He was senior partner and sound engineer at FISGAstudio/Scratchbuilt (Lisbon-based recording studio) and he is, since 2020, the technical director at OSSO Cultural Association. His musical collaborations have been published by Clean Feed Records, Shhpuma, Creative Sources Recordings, Universal, jerverlag, Boca and OSSO. He’s also a member of Improvisors Without Borders, a network of european artists.