Lecture – Restitution and Museums in Africa

Lecture – Restitution and Museums in Africa

©️ Restitution and Museums in Africa



Restitution and Museums in Africa


Azu Nwagbogu

Organized by

Mónica de Miranda

Mediated by

Fábian Cevallos Vivar


Open to all publics




June 29th, 2021 – 7 pm


This talk will be held in English


The question of the return of works and cultural goods to countries, that in the past were colonized by European countries, has been a subject of intense and deep debate in recent years at a wide international level. How we can imagine new and creative thinking to give best access, research, restitute and remediate Africa’s cultural heritage for the continent and beyond?

At this conference Azu Nwagbogu will develop the concept of the Home Museum, starting with the most intimate, domestic parameters in order to think about a wider concern around cultural heritage and its repatriation. As part of our Center for Artistical Research Project, Hangar is pleased to host a conference by curator Azu Nwagbogu on this topic.


Organized by Mónica de Miranda
This project was produced with national funding from the FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P. under the project UIDB/00509/2020.

Azu Nwagbogu is the Founder and Director of African Artists’ Foundation (AAF), a non-profit organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Nwagbogu was elected as the Interim Director/ Head Curator of the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in South Africa from June 2018 to August 2019. Nwagbogu also serves as Founder and Director of LagosPhoto Festival, an annual international arts festival of photography held in Lagos. He is the creator of Art Base Africa, a virtual space to discover and learn about contemporary African Art. Nwagbogu was a juror for the Dutch Doc, POPCAP Photography Awards, the World press Photo, Prisma Photography Award (2015), Greenpeace Photo Award (2016), New York Times Portfolio Review (2017-18), W. Eugene Smith Award (2018), Photo Espana (2018), Foam Paul Huf Award (2019), Wellcome photography prize (2019) and is a regular juror for organizations such as Lensculture and Magnum.

For the past 20 years, he has curated private collections for various prominent individuals and corporate organizations in Africa. Nwagbogu obtained a Masters in Public Health from The University of Cambridge. He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.


Fabián Cevallos Vivar is a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Lisbon, Faculty of Fine-Arts and PhD in Post-Colonialisms and Global citizenship, University of Coimbra. He is a Researcher and Professor in Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO)/Center for Social Studies (CES) and Researcher at the University of Lisbon, Center for Research and Studies in Fine Arts (CIEBA) and in Hangar, Center for Artistical Research.