Entangled Ecologies: Toward a Speculative Garden in Four Chapters

Entangled Ecologies: Toward a Speculative Garden in Four Chapters

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Entangled Ecologies: Toward a Speculative Garden in Four Chapters


Abdellah M. Hassak



Open Date

January 14th, 2022 – 6 pm


February 12th, 2022


Humanity’s desire to exert control over its environment is perhaps best seen from above. The hinterland exhibits an intricate tessellation of productive landscapes. Within these striking images of competing lines and fields, we bear witness to the constant struggle between urbanization and food production.

What does it mean today to live on the land?

The action-research led by QANAT in the framework of its specific research line “Entangled Ecologies” proposes to open multiple prisms in order to explore the complex relationships between food, landscapes, design and infrastructure in different geographies. Based on a series of workshops developed as part of the Collective Workshops of the Dar Bellarj Foundation (Marrakesh), QANAT proposed to create a time-space of learning and unlearning, focused on the possibilities of what a garden can be, make, and produce, from the locus of Marrakesh.

This sonic promenade takes us through conversations, chantings and street echoes in Marrakesh. It takes us towards a kaleidoscope of Marrakshis and Marrakshyat, telling their stories of Laarassi. These emblematic gardens of the ochre city were not only nzaha spaces but also sources of self-sufficiency, thanks to the small-scale agricultural practices that took place there. Through the promenade, Laarassi are told by different voices, in different formats.

Recordings, interviews, mixing, and musical composition: Abdellah M. Hassak, in conversation with Noureddine Ezarraf and Francesca Masoero. Texts : Mouna Guidiri et Francesca Masoero. QANAT is a collective platform born at LE 18 (Marrakech). This project has been supported by Stimulerings funds and the Fondation Susanna Biedermann.

Workshop conceived by QANAT / Noureddine Ezarraf, Abdellah M. Hassak and Francesca Masoero, in conversation with Louisa Aarrass et Sara Frikech, with the participation of Les Mamans Douées, Souhail Tazi, Le Toit en Vert, Maha el Madi and Ilyass Moussanif. Voices of: Fatima Ennaoui, Zahra El Khiraoui, Khadija Karbah, Rachida el Idrissi Lahbali, Rachida Elguendouf, Amina Bouyabrine,. Latifa Gharzdaoui, Maha el Madi, Mohamed Soudani, Aba Sadki, Souhail Tazi, Otmane Ouallal.

Abdellah M. Hassak is a sound artist, new media, music producer, art director. His research explores processes of participative sonic mapping at the urban level, integrating sound, daily technologies, and radio as tools to foster agency in inhabitants’ narrations of their environment. Abdellah has been collaborating with many other institutions and cultural spaces in Morocco and abroad in radiophonic and sound practice like ESAD GRENOBLE / ESAV MARRAKECH / Mudawanat – Culture Resource / Qanat Collective / Dar Bellarj / Think Tanger / E-Joussour – Radio Impact. He launched the Radio and Archive sound platform Mahattat Radio and He develops a musical syncretic Afrofuturism music with field recordings practice as a Producer/DJ (Guedra Guedra) referenced by several media Bandcamp, The Guardian, Mixmag, Pitchfork, KEXP.