Rita Thomaz


©️ Corrente de ar (2020) [Rita Thomaz] video still.

Video: Sara Morais
16:9, color, stereo
Duration: 9’
Production: OSSO

This video briefly accompanies the visual artist Rita Thomaz in the production process of her drawing objects in paper pulp that became part, along with the video itself, the installation Corrente de ar (Air current). This installation comprised five suspended drawings and a documentary video, exploring the manual manufacture of paper as a means of constructing the drawing. Looking at artisanal techniques and recycling cotton paper, these drawings are made with paper pulp, where layers of different thickness, texture and color are worked on the still damp sheet, allowing the “making” of the paper itself. The sheet is no longer just a support, assuming an objectual and cinematographic character. With these drawings, Rita Thomaz has experimented with different display devices that allow for greater articulation between the surface of the paper and the surrounding space.

December 3rd 2022 – 6 pm

Rita Thomaz (1979) lives and works in Lisbon. In 2007 joined Ar.Co – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual where she completes the Advanced Course in Visual Arts, finishing in 2014. In the same year she joins teaching staff (drawing and painting course) until June 2019. Currently she is responsible for OSSO Associação Cultural Communication. Studied Business Administration and Management at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (1997/2002) and Interactive Design at the Miami ad School in São Paulo, Brazil (2004/2006). Worked in Project Management at Ogilvy Interactive, Lisbon (2002-2004) and at 10’Minutos Interactive, São Paulo, Brazil (2004-2006).

She has participated in several exhibitions of which stand out: “New Skin For the Old Ceremony” solo exhibition at Casa da Avenida, Setúbal (2021); “INVASOR ABSTRACTO #4”, OSSO colectivo project at TBA, Lisbon (2021); “Livros de Artistas de Artistas de Mulheres”, Collection of Artist Books from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, (2021); “INVASOR ABSTRACTO #3”, OSSO colectivo project at gnration, Braga (2021); “INVASOR ABSTRACTO #2”, OSSO colectivo project with Oficinas do Convento at Galeria Municipal de

Montemor-o-Novo (2020); “CANTO”, at Appleton Box (2020); “INVASOR ABSTRACTO #1”, OSSO colectivo project at Convento São Francisco, Coimbra (2019); “ARCHE II” Cidadela art district, Cascais, (2019); “Play is a Serious Matter” at the Portuguese Communications Foundation (2019); “ARES”, at the Geological Museum of Lisbon (2016); “notas surdas” (2016) at Espaço AZ Lisboa (2016).

Her work is represented in the Contemporary Art Collection of the Portuguese State; Carmona e Costa Foundation; Artist Book Collection of the Art Library – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation; Portuguese Communications Foundation, Fernando Ribeiro Collection, among other private collections.