Minimal Trace

Minimal Trace

Mark Miller

2020 / 6:13 minutes

Minimal Trace, 2020, Mark Miller, 6:13

August 7th, 2020 – 7 pm

Visual and audio work exploring individuals and our connection to objects, economy, histories and our societal structures.


‘Minimal Trace ‘ Featured –

Keith Hill
Ben James
Wade Williams
Matthew Ijogi

Bruk Up origins (The movement) pt.1- LBXdancers/ You Tube

bogle=roses+ice + ding dong fire rama – SHABBABOGLEROSES HAGGART/ You Tube

This work is part of a series of moving image and sound work which are ‘What Remains ’, ‘Words of a Higher’, and ‘Minimal Trace’ part of the ‘What Remains’ project. ‘What Remains’ is an ongoing project by Mark A Miller.

What Remains Project © Mark A Miller 2020