Roberto Casti by Icaro Junho 14, 2024 0 Portefólios

Roberto Casti (Iglesias, 1992) is an Italian artist who lives and works between Milan and Iglesias, Sardinia. His artistic research includes various media such as video, performance, installation, drawing and sound. Through the trans-disciplinary project The Boys and Kifer, which originated in 2014 as a fictitious music band, he explores new methods of community and coexistence through the participation of numerous artists, musicians, and theorists. He has collaborated with and exhibited in various spaces and institutions such as MACRO and IUNO (Rome), MAN (Nuoro), FRAC of Corte (France), Marsèlleria (Milan), PAV and OGR (Turin), and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan). He contributed to the publication of Soft Crash, a collective book produced by MACRO in Rome.