“On the Wolf’s Trail” Session 2 – Cartographies of Reparation by Icaro June 11, 2023 0 News, Workshop

“On the Wolf’s Trail” Session 2 – Cartographies of Reparation

With Ellen Lima and Margarida Mendes

17th June 7 pm


This improvised conversation departs from “Attunement Tool – a Poethical Cosmogram”, which will be the catalyst for a thought forum shared by the poet Ellen Lima and Margarida Mendes.

Operating as a barometer for individual action, this poethical cosmogram was cast to trigger conversations around ecological reparation. It is a living diagram that channels different angles of individual and collective political attunement, according to the needs and uses of different stakeholders. A tool for collective debate, where hologrammatic may catalyse future action, and ecological tactics are tested throughout.


Ellen Lima is an indigenous poet, writer and researcher of Wassu Cocal origin. She has a Masters in Arts and is currently pursuing a PhD in Comparative Modernities: Literatures, Arts and Cultures at the University of Minho. In 2021, she published “Ixé ygara returning to ‘y’kûá”, a book of poetry written in Portuguese and ancient Tupi. She integrates, among literary magazines and other collections, the work “Volta pra tua terra”, an anthology of anti-fascist and anti-racist poets in Portugal. Her practice relates poetry, criticism, activism, lectures and essay writing.

Margarida Mendes is a researcher, curator and educator, exploring the overlap between systems thinking, experimental film, sound practices and ecopedagogy. She creates transdisciplinary forums, exhibitions and experiential works where alternative modes of education and sensing practices may catalyse political imagination and restorative action. Mendes has been long involved in anti-extraction activism collaborating with marine NGOs, Universities, and institutions of the art world. She holds a PhD in Research Architecture by the Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London, and is a member of Natural Contract Lab, a transdisciplinary collective of lawyers and artists working on restorative justice and nature rights across Europe.