Anneli Holmström by Ricardo August 11, 2017 0

Anneli Holmström is a visual artist, currently based between Edinburgh and Lisbon.

Her work considers ideas of self, through a cross-disciplinary approach that merges painting, sculpture, performance and film. Often merging painted space with ready-made objects or spaces, her work plays with boundaries between the physical and pictorial. Through this language, which moves between image and object, the artist aims to create a visual language to visualize an imagined space that bleeds between the psychological and physical. Like the tactile sensibility of folk art, her practices favours materials which infer a sense of intimacy between object and maker; embracing a DIY aesthetic – where a sense of esoteric secrecy and physical closeness are used as allegory for the private and internal perspectives they visualise.

Anneli Holmström (b. 1985) Graduated with an MFA from Edinburgh College of art in 2009, she has attained residencies in Venice, Chicago, Finland, China, Orkney, Norway and Lisbon, and has exhibited widely both at home and abroad. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Strange Loop’, at Gallery Babel in Trondheim, Norway, and later toured at Ex14 in Dresden Germany (2016); ‘Usher’, GalleriGro, Finland; ‘Polar twins’, GVRM, Copenhagen; and ‘Paper Rooms’, Ål Art center, Norway (2015). Anneli Holmström’s upcoming shows include ‘SUMMA’, at the RSA, and ‘Method of Loci’, at Galleri Amu in Prague. She is the recipient of numerous awards including: RSA Residencies for Scotland; Barns Graham travel award; Svenska Kulturfonden; Österbottens Förbund; Andrew Grant Bequest and Hope Scott Trust. Anneli Holmström is also the co-founder of the international arts collective, Captain Lightfoot, together with artists Emma Pratt and Kadie Salmon.